Cell Phones Required at NYU Berlin

Please note that for your study away semester at NYU Berlin cell phones are a requirement. Every student has to get/bring a cell phone.

We need to be able to reach everyone in case of emergency and for last minute changes. We always ask a local provider (in our case Vodafone) to come to the Academic Center during orientation to sell cell phones, SIM-cards and mini SIM-cards (for students who bring their smart phones). Please contact linn.friedrichs@nyu.edu if you have any questions.

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Travel Tips from Your Site Rep

We’ve done a decent amount of traveling and have made some classic travel mistakes in my time. Be smarter than us by following these tips!

  • I know we’ve mentioned this before, but tell your bank and credit card companies that you will travel abroad. Make sure they won’t block your accounts when they see international charges, and ask for phone numbers to call from abroad in the event you have any issues. The 1-800 numbers on the back won’t always work from overseas.
  • Do not plan to use your blow dryers and flat irons that you use here in the US. Even with a plug adaptor and converter, the higher voltage can destroy (as in burn to a crisp!) your appliances and could potentially knock out power in entire buildings, which isn’t a great way to make friends abroad. If you’re not willing to forgo the blow dryers and flat irons for a few months, then it’s best to purchase local versions that operate on 220 volts once you get abroad.
  •  Bring a small weekend-size bag/backpack/collapsible duffle bag for trips you’ll take during your time abroad. Pack it with everything you’ll need for the first few days of your trip and bring it as a carry-on on the plane, so you’ll be ready in case your baggage is delayed.
  • Don’t forget that you cannot bring more than 3 oz. of any liquid in your carry on for your flight overseas.  Airport security can be very stringent. Make sure you follow all the rules when it comes to flying!
  • If you follow a special diet (vegetarian, kosher, etc.) don’t forget to inform your airline ahead of time. It’s horribly unpleasant to be hungry and thirsty while you’re on a plane and they control when you get meals, so bring some snacks (stay away from fruit, especially if you have a layover in a European airport, as some countries don’t want you to bring perishable food into their airports). And make sure you have your own water on the flight (though you can’t take any through security, remember).
  • Make several photocopies of your passport ID page and credit/debit cards to leave with a family member or someone you trust. That way, if these items are lost or stolen, they’re much easier to replace.
  • Set up a plan of communicating with your family members while abroad—we recommend calling or e-mailing them only once or twice a week while abroad. Your parents will ALWAYS want to talk to you more often than that, but remember that part of studying in another country is putting some distance between you and your old life. You’ll be better for it!
  • Buy a journal.  Study Abroad is a profoundly personal experience and Facebook updates alone won’t capture the spirit of what you are doing.  Keep a journal that is meant to be just for you.
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Arriving in Berlin

All of this information was in your arrival instructions which were emailed to you on January 14th, but here it is again if you need it:

Airport Pick-Up Times – January 30th only! 

NYU Berlin staff will be by the arrival & departure information board in Terminal A of Tegel airport from 8:00 AM until 12:30 PM to meet you and guide you to the bus shuttleThe staff members will be clearly identifiable as part of the NYU community.

Boulevard_Tegel display boards

If you arrive after that time, you are responsible for your own transportation to the student housing. 

About the Tegel Airport: 
Tegel Airport is small and easily navigable. When you arrive at the airport you will go through immigration and then to the baggage claim, after which you will be directed to customs and the exit. Currency exchange and ATMs are available once you exit, in the main terminal. Just outside the main customs exit doors is the building exit for ground transportation where taxis and buses are available.

If you are arriving outside of the designated pick-up time and have to get to the residence on your own, the easiest way to travel is via taxi. This will cost about 25 – 30 Euros. Taxis at the airport are regulated and safe. Do NOT go to the NYU Academic Center – take a taxi to the NYU Housing address listed in the attached document. 

If you have missing luggage, complete the paperwork before you exit the customs area. Keep a copy of this paperwork and bring it with you to check-in. We will assist you with tracking. You should put the address of your residence and the emergency phone number listed on this sheet as the contact. 

If something happens to your travel schedule: 
– Email us your new flight details at Linn.Friedrichs@nyu.edu.
– Call us at +49 162 2155 979 between the hours of 7:00 am – 9:00 pm on January 30th only. Remember, the airline is going to be your best source of information. They will not give us or your family your information, so you have to speak with them. 

Notify your family: 
Please contact your family when you arrive – otherwise our staff ends up getting phone calls at all hours from worried parents. Before you leave, remind your family not to expect a phone call as quickly as if you were coming alone as a tourist. Make plans beforehand as to whether you will call or email your family and then make sure YOU do it. Remember, we will NOT give out any information beyond if you have arrived. NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Linn at NYU Berlin directly at linn.friedrichs@nyu.edu .

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Checking in to your NYU Berlin Residence Hall

Here are some important things to know about checking in to your residence hall on Wednesday, January 30th:

  • Once you have arrived at the residence on Charlottenstrasse 96-97, you may enter the building with your student ID. If your ID has been lost or damaged over the break or if you are a visiting student, a new ID will be issued to you during orientation. Should your ID not work, please be sure to inform the NYU staff upon arrival. For visiting students or those students who have no ID, please ring the bell at Charlottenstrasse 97 (that’s where students enter the building; 96 only serves as an emergency exit). A guard will buzz you in. Be prepared to present a form of ID, preferably your NYU student ID. The guard on duty will keep your suitcase(s) in an empty apartment on the ground floor while you proceed to check-in on the 1st floor of the residence.
  • Upon check-in, the RAs and the Residence Life Coordinator will give you your keys and  your welcome package (including the student handbook, a copy of your HTH insurance card, a city map and a USB stick containing some important documents). Residential Life Staff will also collect the 28 EUR for the weekly transportation pass if you requested one. You will also have the opportunity to sign up for the housing orientation and several exciting events during orientation (trips to the opera, art and city walks, etc.).
  • Those of you who arrive and check-in early on Wednesday may go on the guided bus tour and take a first look at Berlin, your new home.
  • There is an informal welcome dinner at 12 Apostel at 6PM (more information available upon check-in).
  • Orientation at the Academic Center starts with lunch at 12 PM on Thursday. See details in welcome package. Be sure to sign up for your preferred time slot for housing orientation. Sign up sheets are available in the check-in room in the student lounge on the 1st floor.

All orientation components, including housing orientation, (see schedule in welcome package) are mandatory.

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Second Section of Berlin’s Architecture class added!

Section II of the Berlin’s Architecture class (SOC-UA.99410001, ARTH-UA.9651001) has been added. The class will take place at the same time (Weds, 1.30pm to 4pm) as the first section. Section one will be taught by Sigismund Sliwinski, as planned, and this new section will be taught by Cristiana da Silva.

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Sign-up for Berlin Public Transportation Pass

A message from NYU Berlin Student Life team:

About two weeks from now, you will be starting your fall semester at NYU Berlin. We’re really excited to welcoming you so soon!

As you will start exploring this exciting, vibrant city during orientation already and also commute to class on most days of the week, we recommend that you purchase an unlimited weekly pass (28 € ) in advance. We will be happy to do this for you and put it in your welcome package so that you don’t have to worry about public transportation tickets during your first exciting days in a new city.

Later on it will of course be best to purchase an unlimited monthly pass. As a student you are eligible for a discounted pass, a so called “Azubi Ticket”, which currently costs 53 €. You will have to submit the actual application for the pass in person and show passport, proof of Berlin residency, passport-sized photograph, and a proof of enrollment at NYU Berlin that we’ll be happy to generate for you. It takes a certain amount of time to get the necessary documents ready – until then the unlimited weekly is your best option.

Please let your Student Life Staff in Berlin (linn.friedrichs@nyu.edu) know by Tuesday, January 15th, if you want us to purchase the weekly pass for you and make sure that you have the 28 € ready in cash when checking-in on January 30th.

We wish everyone a safe trip and look forward to meeting you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact Linn at linn.friedrichs@nyu.edu .

Bis bald und ein schönes Wochenende!

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“Topics in 20th-Century German Literature” class time change

Due to Prof Eva Lezzi’s other work-commitments, her class Topics in 20th-Century German Literature has to bemoved to a later time. It will now take place from 4.45pm to 7.15pm on Mondays, and not at 2pm. We apologise for any inconvenience.

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